The GS-1 takes a physics-based approach to measuring COF with unparalleled accuracy, reproducibility, and ease of use in the field.


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  • Internal Self Calibration
  • Fully Automatic
  • Operator Independent
  • Reproducable Results
  • Concurrent Graphical Display As Data Is Taken
  • Meansures Both Static and Dynamic Coefficient of Friction (wet and dry)
  • Takes Multiple Sequential Measurements
  • Provides Printout of Actual Data and Results in Standard Format Suitable for Court Presentation

  • Totality of Features is Far Beyond what Present Tribology Machines Provide 
  • Computer Operated and Controlled (save data to hard drive)
  • Uses Unique Patented (Pending) Technology
  • Correlation with Force Plate Measurements 

The National Floor Safety Institute

Exclusively sold through Impact General Inc.

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