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On Job Injuries attorney georgia

On Job Injuries attorney georgia

At JP Attorneys, we guide employees in filing a claim for workplace injuries. AJ Joshi is a top Georgia work injury lawyer with a successful track record in helping clients win the rightful compensation for workplace injuries. Besides, our on-job injuries attorney in Georgia, PK Patel, possesses several years of experience in handling cases relating to employee rights, injury liability, and workers' compensation.

Benefits of hiring contingency fee lawyers for work-related injuries

If you endure an injury or illness on-job, you must claim workers' compensation to cover your treatment expenses. Hiring a contingency lawyer can make sure that you receive the rightful compensation. From determining your eligibility for benefits to explaining the state's law on a workplace injury situation, an attorney can navigate you through your legal rights, what to expect, and other procedures.

When you hire a contingency fee lawyer for your work-related injury, he or she will receive payment only when you receive compensation in your case. One of the benefits of this type of pricing model is that you only have to pay a contingency of 20 - 25% for a relatively straightforward case. Furthermore, with this model, you can focus on getting better after an injury, while your lawyer takes care of all the legal work.

What happens after you file a workers' comp claim? 

Once you file a workers' comp claim, an insurance company will conduct a thorough investigation of your case. The insurer will usually give you an answer with 2-4 weeks of filing your claim. If your claim gets approved, you will start to receive damages. If the insurance company denies your claim, you must get ready to appeal.

At this point, it is crucial to consult with an attorney as the appeals process can be complex with strict deadlines. Having a proficient attorney on your side can improve your chances of winning benefits. Furthermore, an attorney will take care of all aspects of your case from gathering evidence and negotiating with the insurance company to representing your case in hearings.

Ways to protect your rights, when injured on the job

Make sure to report your injury to your employer at the earliest. You may lose your legal rights if you do not report your injury within a few days of the accident. Secondly, make sure to file a claim with the workers' compensation court in your state. The court will notify your employer and his/her insurance company through a formal notice. Once you file a claim, the law will automatically protect you.

If you suffer injuries on the job, make sure to hire a skilled workplace accident lawyer to help you file a case. Get in touch with JP Attorneys today and schedule a consultation with our highly sought-after on job injuries attorney in Georgia. AJ Joshi and PK Patel are among the best workers' compensation attorneys in Georgia and have helped several employees claim thousands of dollars in damages. We are one of the few free workers' comp attorneys in the state to offer unparalleled legal representation.

On Job Injuries attorney georgia
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